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Charges for Children's contributions during corona virus.

Charges for Children donates a portion of our proceeds to different charities and causes that are centered on youth and children. In the month of January we donated 900$ to Youth Home. Youth Home offers a comprehensive array of programs for youth ages 12-17 who are experiencing emotional, behavioral, social and academic problem. Our gold sponsor was for Action Packed Sports wrestlers against bullying. In February we sponsored Freedom Fastpitch Softball with team uniforms equipment, and tournament fees. FFSA is an organization that helps build players character, self-esteem, attitude and sportsmanship with adult leadership providing the example.

In May we held a 250$ drawing for a graduate over on our Facebook page. The winner of the drawing was Madison Tucker!

In June we had a silver sponsor which was Page and Company Dance Studio! Page & Company Dance Academy offers classes beginning at under the age of 2 through the age of 20 they offer sibling discounts and their competitive teams are National Award winners and begin at age 6.

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