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Donations During a Global Pandemic

Every month Charges for Children selects one of our merchants to have $250 donated to the charity of their choice. This practice is a well-established tradition at Charges for Children and has continued throughout the unprecedented COVID 19 pandemic.

In February, we donated to Pulaski County CASA in the name of Buffalo Grill. CASA gives a voice in court proceedings to children and ensures their best interest is always in mind. I

In March, we donated to the NICU at St. Bernards Hospital in the name of Skinny J’s. This NICU is the only of its level in the Northeast Arkansas region serving infants who are critically ill or pre-term.

In April, we donated to St. Jude Hospital in the name of Mesquite Chophouse. St. Jude is a well-known organization that provides free care to children who are suffering from a variety of childhood cancers. Additionally, they pledge to keep families happy and striving for recovery without worrying about medical cost.

In May, we donated to St. Jude Hospital again in the name of Conifer Chicken Holdings, LLC DBA Chicken Express in Dallas.

In June, we donated to The Call in the name of Willy D’s in Little Rock. The Call is an Arkansas run organization that helps to match families with children in foster care. The Call provides services to both foster families and families looking to adopt so that these children can find their forever home in a quick and loving way.

In July, we donated again to St. Jude Hospital in the name of Demo’s BBQ.

In August, we donated to Elijah’s Retreat in the name of Texas Cash Register Tyler. Elijah’s Retreat is an organization that provides a space for families facing the daily difficulties of autism, to have an outdoor adventure and interactions with therapeutic animals. They provide a safe space for families to relax reconnect and create lasting memories.

Charges for Children is happy and grateful to provide a donation in the name of the monthly winner. If you win the 250$ donation for your company, what organization would you choose?

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